Customize your wedding with Nomad Culinary

Nomad Culinary offers a plethora of menu options that can be tweaked to different seasons, utilizing different ingredients, and even coming up with custom options to fulfill the couples dream wedding meal.


Nomad Culinary has executed successful events at the Lake Erie Building, Rivercrest Farms, Peacock Ridge, Riccardi's, Ariel Center, 78th Street Studios, The Nickolson House, Assumption Church, Bain Park Cabin, and many other venues and clients homes.


Need help arranging your rentals for your wedding day?  Nomad Culinary can help walk you through your rentals and help coordinate items from the rental companies to your venue.  Let us take the stress off your shoulders.


Our excellent staff can take the reigns and allow you to sit back and enjoy your day.  Let us take care of you, your loved ones and your friends with our dedicated staff.